House Rules

House Rules Welcome to your new home, we hope you enjoy living in one of our properties, please take a few minutes to read the below points… Decor: We spend a lot of time and effort decorating and furnishing the property to a high standard, we therefore ask you to please not hang posters, pictures, […]

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Moving Out Guide

Check-out Guide As you get closer to the day of your check-out, we have put together a check list to help assist you. As well as cleaning the property thoroughly before checkout, you should take several other steps to improve your chances of receiving your deposit back in full. These include: Please see below a

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🎉 Pompey Party People! Things To Do In Portsmouth! 🎉

🎉 Pompey Party People! Welcome to Portsmouth! 🎉 Whether you’re a fresher or seasoned third year veteran, gear up for a crash course in all things Portsmouth!  🚢 Looking For Somewhere To Take The Parents? It’s a Sunday morning, you’re hungover and your parents are coming down to visit in a few hours… you can’t offer them some

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